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Grandfather Clock Repair

Animated and Musical Cuckoo Clock Repair

Chiming Wall Clock and Mantel Clock Repair

Anniversary and Shelf Clock Repair

Electric and Battery Quartz Clock Repair

At Home Service on Grandfather Clocks


Receive high-quality professional services from Welker's ON-TIME Clock Repair located in CONNEAUTVILLE, PA. Whether your clock is large or small, I can provide the materials and clock repairs you need to get back on time. Your valuable and beloved antique or modern timepiece is in good hands with Welker's.  We serve Meadville, Erie, Clarion, Franklin, Mercer, Jefferson, OH, and all their surrounding communities in the region.

Pickup and delivery are available as well as in-home service. You can also drop off your clock at the shop in Conneautville. All work and drop-offs are by appointment. Call and leave a message and I'll get your clock up and running soon. Simply contact me at (814) 306-0013 in CONNEAUTVILLE, PA at your earliest convenience.